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Shower screen clean & protection

Keep your shower screen cleaner…

…along with your tiles and ceramics

The question I often get asked is ‘how can I keep my shower screen cleaner, for longer?’

The simple answer is without shower glass protection, especially if you live in an a hard-water area, your glass will gradually build up stains from soap, body grease and limescale.

And left for prolonged periods these shower glass stains can damage the glass itself.

At Revitatile we use a very powerful shower screen cleaner that can bring you shower glass back to life, free of stubborn stains.

With your shower screen cleaner, we can then coat your shower screen with our specialist nano-tech glass protection solution.

The shower glass protective coating is invisible, but provides a very, very thin layer of protection on top of the glass. This protects the glass against stains and limescale, and can last a very long time.

The glass protection we use is widely used in industry as a protective coating.

Tile & Ceramic Coatings

Our nano-tech solution can also be used on tiles/grout and bathroom ceramics – protecting against stains, making everything easier to wipe-clean and ultimately prolonging the life and looks of your tiles, glass and ceramics.