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Silicone sealant

silicone sealant replacement
silicone sealant replacement

Silicone Sealant Replacement

Invariably, if your tile grout needs cleaning, your silicone sealant or bathroom sealant will require attention too.

Silicone Sealant really has a limited lifespan before it starts attracting mould, soap, product and body-fat/grease stains.

Also, once this happens, it can lose its primary function, which is to be watertight. This can lead to even bigger problems.

The main cause of water leaks in bathrooms and showers is ineffective sealant. And this usually becomes apparent when you get water-stain patches in adjacent rooms or ceilings below – and the longer left, the more expensive the problem of leaking sealant can become.

Having said that, most people experience difficulty in not only removing silicone sealant, but also re-applying new sealant – there is a subtle art to this.

We remove silicone sealant and re-apply it virtually every day and can perform this task quickly. So there’s no need to stare at stained and mouldy sealant, or put up with leaking sealant any longer.

Whether it’s bathroom sealant causing you problems, or sealant in your kitchen we can remove and replace sealant – it’s even available in many different colours.